Welcome to the Buutup experiments.

“I am so into the startup movement but my day job is in the corporate world. This is to my journey towards upgrading and living life more on my terms.”

According to lean methodology the first step to startup is doing, so I started collecting learnings and recording my thoughts, theories and tips and making up these experiments to have more fun, invent cool stuff and starting the life of my dreams.I call these the Buutup experiments.

Use this site to make your goals, define your purpose, overcome fears, find alternative solutions or inspire creative thought.

Good stuff is not boring.

If you sign-up for the site you can access some of the more exclusive content and you can get involved in some of the projects.

P.s. My wife tells me I have a tendency to elaborate. I also really like lists and doodles.


A buutup is a lean project for fun or for monetary gain, with the aim of finding a more desirable solution to work/life balance. This is a place for nerds, unconventionals, idea guys and wantrepreneurs who want in on the world of makers.

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